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Kirin Rise

Kirin Rise: The Case of the Shadows by Ed Cruz
Release Date: August 15th, 2014
Authorhouse, 482 Pages
Age Group: Young Adult

Nineteen-year-old Kirin Rise doesn’t look like a hero. Short and scrawny, she’s not the type to strike fear into anyone, much less the brutes that make up the United Federation of Mixed Fighting. Despite her size, she spent her youth secretly training with her Sifu in the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu. What’s more, Kirin has something that many people in 2032 seem to have lost–a conscience. Enraged by government corruption and corporate greed, Kirin sets out to do something about it in the most unlikely place: the weekly bloodbath known as Chum Night. With the guidance of her Sifu and the help of those who love her, she just might survive.

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Ed talks about “creating more than just a book” – take it away, Ed!

If we take a moment and see the world around us the single word that defines this gen-eration is “instant.” Faster is not good enough, it has to be now. That is the essence of a Goggle world. Information can be retrieved as quickly as you type or say it. Soon studying a foreign language won’t be necessary since technology is almost to the point of bridging that gap. Things that used to take time and effort are becoming a lost art.

Today a single gadget that we can hold in the palm of our hands can do everything. The appeal is understandably intoxicating. If we can kill four birds with one stone, is that not the better way? It was designed to make life easier so we have more free time to do what we want. And yet we find ourselves more dependent on it. Sure, we can multitask but the problem is the level of skill is only average. Yes, you can do many things, but not a single task you can do great.

Like all things there is a cost. Knowledge that isn’t earned fails to be retained and the truth is society has become blinded to what it really needs. All the technological achievements that we’ve obtained brings us further away from what truly makes us happy. We have gotten to the point where distraction is our medicine. It has fooled us to believe that we have saved time when in fact we’ve forgotten its true value.

Why is that so important? Because when we find that calling, regardless of what that is, and dedicate ourselves to mastering it, the end result is not what is deemed success, rather it is who we become because of the journey that ultimately brings the balance that we all seek.

Kirin Rise the cast of shadows is a story of 19 year old girl who delivers a punch and knocks out a guy twice her size. Everyone is wondering how this is possible. At first glance the story appears to be simply that, about fighting. But the depth of the book examines where we are as a society. In the story, Kirin chooses a path of mastering a martial art and most people may be quick to judge that this won’t relate to them. How-ever, it does not matter whether it’s a martial art, learning to cook, becoming a great vio-lin player, or whatever your passion may be. These things are nothing more than the vehicles we choose to get us to our destination.

The formula that Kirin uses to figure out martial arts is no different from a basketball player who truly desires to hone his skill. In the end, we learn that what we do does not define us. It is who we become through this journey that ultimately leads us to understanding ourself. I believe that through this story and the life lessons that are learned can echo forever.

Kirin Rise is a story of discovery answering the question of who you are and redefining our understanding about life. Too often we calculate success by how much you make or what we have in our possession. But the book teaches that success should be de-fined as knowing who you are and ultimately embracing that.

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