The Realmsic Conquest by Demethius Jackson – Guest Post

Demethius Jackson is a fiction writer from Washington, DC. He is the author of The Realmsic Conquest book series, which chronicles the struggles of the only magical kingdom in existence. Since its establishment, the kingdom has been ravaged by endless warfare, and must undergo a transformative quest to find ever elusive peace.

Jackson is an alumnus of American University’s School of Communications. Through his ten year career, his written works have spanned numerous forms of media such as music and television. He has also held positions at global media and cinema companies.

In July of 2010, Jackson published his first book. Initially releasing The Realmsic Conquest as a rhyming epic-adventure, he spent the following years vastly expanding the story of the Realm. Now in 2013, he will be publishing his much anticipated full-length novel entitled, The Hero of Legend.

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The Realmsic Conquest began as a fully rhyming epic-poem, and over the course of two years, has evolved into a literary fantasy adventure series.

I first started writing Realmsic in my teenage years. My good friend Elisia had recently moved away with her family, but we kept in touch by writing letters to one another (this was the era just before email became popular). In addition to updating each other on recent events, we would occasionally write stories. I first got the idea of writing a traditional epic-adventure for Elisia after learning about them in English Literature class. Epics such as The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf were primarily written in a rhyming style called ‘verse’. Until that point in my life, I thought rhyming stories were only appropriate in children’s books. But I became captivated by the use of rhyme to emphasize the heroic struggles that were depicted within those tales.

I named my epic The Realmsic Conquest because at that time, the story was to be set in a realm separate from Earth. There was also to be a King in despair, whose purpose was to find ‘the chosen one’ who would help him save his kingdom. The story took probably a month to hand write, which was no more than ten pages upon its completion. Once I mailed it to Elisia, it was quickly forgotten until many years later when she showed it to me again. After re-reading it, I realized there was potential for a much better story.

As I began typing Realmsic on the computer for the first time, the process inspired a number of new story angles. But as an adult working full-time, I could only write during my lunch breaks. Surprisingly, this proved to be a huge blessing because it allowed space between writing sessions and provided a fresh look at the project each time. With each session, I constantly made changes to the story and after writing in this manner for over a year, The Realmsic Conquest was completely changed from my original concept, and the word “realmsic” took on an entirely new meaning within the story.

Shortly after its publishing in July of 2010, the rhyming epic developed a following of thousands, and I began receiving emails asking about the backgrounds of the characters and the storyline. This prompted me to write, The Hero of Legend, which is part of a non-rhyming literary series that delves deeper into the characters and discloses the origin of the Realm – the only magical kingdom in existence.

At its core, The Realmsic Conquest is a parody of the journey we all must endure in life to find our own sense of purpose and peace. My hope is that readers of all ages will use the examples set by the characters, and incorporate them into their own personal development.

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