Em: A Radiant Sky by Jocelyn Davies – BOOK REVIEW

A Radiant Sky by Jocelyn Davies
Release Date: September 24th, 2013
HarperTeen, 368 Pages
Sub-genre: Paranormal
Source: ARC from publisher (Thanks!)
Age Group: Young Adult
Series: A Beautiful Dark #3
Follow up to: A Fractured Light

Since the night of her seventeenth birthday, Skye has been torn between two opposites: Light and Dark, the Order and the Rebellion, Devin and Asher.

But her decision shocked both sides—because she chose neither.

With the help of her friends, Skye forges her own path, setting out to gather an uprising of Rogues. The treacherous and elusive half-angels may be the key to maintaining the balance of fate and free will. But completing the mission her parents left unfinished is more difficult—and dangerous—than she could have imagined. And doing so comes at a cost: Her greatest love may now be a lethal enemy. Because it’s not just the Order that sees her as a threat who must be eliminated. The Rebellion does, too.

And both sides will do whatever it takes to win.

Dark days lie ahead, and if Skye is to survive, she’ll need to rely on her extraordinary powers and the strength of her will. Because she has a future—and a love—that’s worth fighting for.

Rating: 3.5 stars (I rounded up on GR because I loved the rest of the trilogy.)

The Scenery: I love that this is set in Telluride, Colorado. Just from reading the books and the beautiful imagery, I would jump at the chance to go visit. I am really hoping that Love the Bean is a real place…*sigh*

The Characters: I really adored Skye in this trilogy and there are a few other characters that really become endearing in this last book. However, there are also a few that you kind of want to throttle…I’ll leave that for you to decide.

The Plot: I could’ve called that from a mile away. Sorry, guys. I did enjoy a majority of the book…so many feels, so many twists and turns, but sadly they were a bit predictable.

The Love: Also, here a little predictable for YA…semi-love triangles. Girls love bad boys (Rebels, if you will), but Sky also has some love to go around for a Guardian. I think the love triangle needs to retire, y’all. I wanted to see a bit more depth in the character’s relationships. The deepest one I saw was between two who were fated to be together and Dan & Cassie!

The Bad Guys: …are everywhere…and everyone. There is a lot of back and forth here with dark and light, allies and enemies…former friends that are now enemies but still care about each other. Whew. A lot going on, am I right? Then there are the GENUINE bad dudes. The ones that are easy to hate and it makes you cringe every time they make an appearance.

The Good Guys: …seem to be a tiny group…or are they? Well, at least you get introduced to some REALLY awesome characters (some even younger than you might expect). Ready for the battle royale?

The Ending: We all knew we would end up here. The end. The battle to end all battles (supposedly). It has been brewing since the first book and now we have reached the culmination of all of Skye’s choices. I was actually caught off guard by how the book ended, and honestly…I don’t know how to feel about it. Let me know what y’all thought!

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to readers that enjoy the angel/Nephilim sub-genres and if you loved the first two books of the series. It was a really quick read for me and over all I enjoyed it.

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