Em: Icons by Margaret Stohl – BOOK REVIEW

Icons by Margaret Stohl
Release Date: May 7th, 2013
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 428 Pages
Sub-genre: Science Fiction
Source: ARC via publisher
Age Group: Young Adult
Series: Icons #1

Your heart beats only with their permission.

Everything changed on The Day. The day the windows shattered. The day the power stopped. The day Dol’s family dropped dead. The day Earth lost a war it didn’t know it was fighting.

Since then, Dol has lived a simple life in the countryside — safe from the shadow of the Icon and its terrifying power. Hiding from the one truth she can’t avoid.

She’s different. She survived. Why?

When Dol and her best friend, Ro, are captured and taken to the Embassy, off the coast of the sprawling metropolis once known as the City of Angels, they find only more questions. While Ro and fellow hostage Tima rage against their captors, Dol finds herself drawn to Lucas, the Ambassador’s privileged son. But the four teens are more alike than they might think, and the timing of their meeting isn’t a coincidence. It’s a conspiracy.

Within the Icon’s reach, Dol, Ro, Tima, and Lucas discover that their uncontrollable emotions — which they’ve always thought to be their greatest weaknesses — may actually be their greatest strengths.

This book reminds me a lot of The X-Men and Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series. The premise of Margaret Stohl’s Icons is that other life forms, who appear to be far more advanced and in need to resources, come to Earth. Their technology, the Icons are placed in each of the world’s largest cities and emit a pulse that stops any and all electricity (including the electrical impulses that allow the human body to function). Humans within a certain area of each icon died immediately…except for four babies.

Each child has a specific characteristic that allows them influence others with and exhibit certain emotions & behaviors. The main character, our female protagonist, is Dol. I won’t spoil anything here by explaining her gifts, or the others’, but this book is a really good first solo for Stohl.

I was impressed with the plot and character development, but I think there was something missing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction and post-apocalyptic subgenres!

  • August 22, 2013 - 2:38 pm

    Pam@YAEscapefromReality - I really liked this book too, but I agree, there was something missing. I don’t know if it was just that I didn’t get emotionally invested in the characters. But it was definitely a good book, interesting and fast-paced.ReplyCancel

  • August 22, 2013 - 3:31 pm

    Nikki @ Foil the Plot - This sounds like a really interesting premise and I’m a big sci-fi geek, however, I wasn’t super impressed with her paranormal Castor Chronicles. I’ll probably be going into this book with some reservations.ReplyCancel

  • August 23, 2013 - 4:42 pm

    Kat C - I felt that “something missing” from the book too. I had this book as a digital library book and I let it expire, so I haven’t finished it yet, but I know I will !ReplyCancel

  • September 1, 2013 - 9:08 pm

    Emma @ Spun With Words - I loved Beautiful Creatures, so I hope when I get around to reading this it’ll live up to my expectations!ReplyCancel

  • July 9, 2014 - 12:00 am

    Em: Idols by Margaret Stohl - BOOK REVIEW - […] Idols by Margaret Stohl Release Date: July 8th, 2014 Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 432 Pages Source: eARC via Netgalley (thanks!) Sub-genre: Science Fiction Age Group: Young Adult Series: Icons #2 Follow up to: Icons […]ReplyCancel

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