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PopulattiPopulatti by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper
Release Date: May 2nd, 2014
Createspace, 338 Pages
Age Group: Young Adult

Getting in is hard. Staying in is harder…

Joining social network let sixteen-year-old Livi Stanley trade her awkward middle school past for the social life of her dreams. Because Populatti isn’t just a social network. It’s a club, providing access to friends. Parties. And Livi’s crush, star baseball player Brandon Dash. Yet lately, online rumors have been threatening Livi’s place in the group. And not even her friends are doing much to stop them. Leaving Livi to prove them wrong, and fast.

Before her life as a popster is over.

Today Jackie is talking about her DREAM CAST! Take it away, Jackie!

So first I want to start off with a big thank you to Sash and Em for this guest post. I am so excited to introduce Populatti to your readers!

Populatti follows 16-year-old Livi Stanley as she navigates the secret social network, which rules the social life at Golden Hill High. Throughout the story, Livi must deal with rumors threatening her membership within the group all while trying to snag her crush Brandon, preserve her friendships, and still do well in school.

Since Populatti involves lots of characters, gossip, and exciting party scenes, I have always thought it would make a fantastic movie. So today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on who would play each starring role if (or should I say when?) some very smart Hollywood director decided to cast Populatti. I’ve listed the winners below.

Crystal – Katie Chang
Crystal is not only one of Livi’s best friends, but the mastermind that created as well. So who better to play the part than a Columbia student who happens to also have stolen the show in last year’s The Bling Ring? My only question: How well does she know computer code?

Sammy – Zoey Deutch
Sammy is the wild one with a surprisingly good head on her shoulders. Most of the time. Given her past role as rebellious Juliet Martin on the TV show Ringer, I’d say Zoey is up for the part. Especially after her part in Vampire Academy, something tells me she’s ready to return to the real world.

Tara – Bella Thorne
All I have to do is look at a picture to know that Bella is “the one.” That gorgeous strawberry hair is exactly how I picture my Tarable. Not to mention that Bella is also an author. How can I not love that?

Livi – Sasha Pieterse
Given Sasha’s background with Pretty Little Liars, something tells me the world of Populatti would seem quite familiar to her. That combined with her long blonde hair and innocent-yet-pouty look has me thinking she’s the perfect Livi.

Brandon aka B-Dash – Alexander Ludwig
Ahhh now casting B-Dash was no easy feat. I mean, how do you capture that prepster perfection on film? By casting Alexander of course! Seeing him in When the Game Stands Tall sealed the deal. His piercing blue eyes just scream Brandon. The only problem? His new scruff might have to go.

So there you have it, the five main roles of Populatti are set! Now all we need are Eva, Bianca, Val, Coop, and Jake to round out the top ten. But I’ll leave them to your imagination. Right now I’m in the mood for a good movie. Maybe some Hunger Games to see the future B-Dash in action.

Thanks all for reading and I hope you enjoy Populatti. In print and on the big screen – whenever that may happen;)

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